Ed Sheeran and Drake are ‘culture vultures’ says Wiley

Wiley: Ed Sheeran and Drake are ‘culture vultures’

Grime artist Wiley has spent the last few days tweeting about Drake and Ed Sheeran, calling them both “culture vultures.” 

So 1Xtra Breakfast show gave Wiley a call to challenge his tweets. 

“I’m mad at Ed Sheeran because he said ‘You need me man/ I don’t need you’ Wiley told the BBC radio host, quoting Ed’s famous song. 

“But Ed, the other day mate, you had to use grime to tip your song over the edge,” Wiley said. Referring to the remix of Take Me Back to London – which was produced by a grime producer and features Stormzy, Jakae and Aitch. The remix got to number one. 

Wiley said Ed shouldn’t use grime in his music because “we’re not allowed to use you or anything you do.” 


Whilst Wiley is not a fan of Ed, they do have a song together. Wiley featured on a Sheeran track well before Ed was a mainstream artist. His No.5 Collaborations EP featured a grime artist on every track. And this is one reason why he has a problem with Ed now. Wiley says Ed didn’t want to return the favour and feature on a Wiley album. 

“Listen, we helped that guy get into the picture. I done something for him – ‘You’. It’s on his album, isn’t it? So when I went to do my one I was told, ‘You can’t do this, Ed can’t do the video. You can’t use Ed’.

“He didn’t want to stand up to his label – he folded.

“I knew life wasn’t fair, but I didn’t know it was this unfair. 

“Everyone thinks I’m mad. I’m not mad. I’m not mad – Ed Sheeran knows what I’m talking about.”

Adding: “When Ed wants to do something that’s OK. But when we want to do something with Ed? We can’t.”

Wiley was a key player in the development and popularisation of grime in the early 2000s. He said Ed’s relationship with grime is “fake as hell” and that “none” of Ed’s fortune has been used to help grime. 

Wiley said: “Listen, Ed Sheeran – you are a culture vulture and I’m not listening to you anymore. I’ve listened to you rip off Marvin Gaye, I’ve listened to you rip off everything. I see you do a tune the other day with Justin Bieber that sounds like a tune from Sting. No-one is not saying nothing about that though. So I’m not listening. I’m finished with these people. I swear to God.”


Around the 8:30 mark in the interview Wiley turned his attention to Drake. 

“Drake is a pagan,” he said. “Listen to this, I tried to apologise to his brother, you know because I felt bad but you know what? I ain’t taking back, no apology. He’s the worst, I swear to God.” 

Wiley says “everyone is so blind” to how Drake handles his business. “My man is bringing out people like he’s Jesus Christ the saviour,” he said, talking about J Hus being bought out during one of Drake’s O2 shows. 

“Can’t you see what people do out here?” he said. “The truth is he’s just a pagan. He knows it. And if I say it, he can’t say nothing to me because it’s the truth … He’s not embracing the scene, he’s doing it for himself.”





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