Dr Dre and ex-wife finalise $100m divorce 

Dr Dre and ex-wife finalise $100m divorce 

Dr Dre and ex-wife finalise $100m divorce 

Music icon Dr Dre has finalised his $100m settlement in his divorce from Nicole Young. 

The rapper and producer has a net worth of $820m and was married to Nicole Young for nearly 24 years and have two adult children. 

Ms Young will get $50m immediately and the other $50m in one year, according to sources speaking to NBC News. 

She leaves the marriage with all her jewellery as well as four vehicles: a Rolls Royce, Range Rover, Escalade limousine and Spyder motorcycle. 

Nicole Young, 51, is required to move out of their shared home in Malibu, California by the end of the month and must pay her own legal bills – which are believed to be millions of dollars. 

Dre, 56, will keep the bulk of his £650m net worth including his master recordings, all his Apple stocks (which includes proceeds from his sale of Beats), 6 vehicles and seven of the couple’s properties – including the Malibu home, two homes in Calabasas, and four other homes in the LA area. 

Rolling Stone magazine reported that Dre was apparently “delighted” that his ex-wife would get just one-fifth of his liquid assets and that she would have received more if she had settled sooner.

When they married in 1996, Ms Young signed a prenuptial agreement – which she later contested saying it was signed under duress. 

Young had filed for divorce in 2020, claiming abuse and that she had suffered “post-traumatic stress syndrome”

Ms Young said in court documents that Dre “held a gun to my head” on two occasions and “punched me in the head/face” in 1999 and 2000.

Dre has vehemently denied the allegations.

Nicole Young is reported to be a lawyer by profession and to have been previously married.

Dr Dre net worth 2021

Dr Dre net worth 2021 is estimated at $820 million (£650 million)

Dr Dre kids

The rapper and producer is the father to seven children.



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