Congrats Phoebe! Fleabag star wins big at the Emmys

Congrats Phoebe! Fleabag star wins big at the Emmys

Fleabag, the British sitcom written by and starring Phoebe Waller-Bridge, has become the first British show to win best comedy series at the Emmy Awards in the US. 

“It’s so wonderful and reassuring to know that a dirty, pervy, angry and messed-up woman can make it to the Emmys,” joked Phoebe on stage – referring to her character, obviously. 

Waller-bridge won four awards including best comedy series and comedy actress. Fleabag launched on BBC Three in the UK in 2016. And became a cult hit in the US after being picked up by Amazon. By season 2 it broke through to become a smash hit in the US. 

Vanity Fair called it “unmissable.” Time Magazine said it was “ a raunchy, redemptive masterpiece. Slate called the show: “thrillingly deep, funny and buoyant.”

Speaking in the press room after her wins, Phoebe said she was surprised by the “really special” word-of-mouth response in the US. “It did feel like a tidal wave just suddenly hitting us all.” Adding: “It just landed and there was this explosion of response. There were shock waves to it.”

Phoebe Waller-bridge wins big at the Emmys

American remake? 

Fleabag executive producer said: “It does feel very British – the sense of humour, the wryness, the ability to go from very funny to very sad. 

“But I suppose it’s universal. The feel of the thing is very British, but I think what she’s writing about is far broader than that. The writing is just really good.”

Before streaming, a hit British show would often get an American remake (The Office, Skins). But nowadays it’s unlikely. “Perhaps five years ago it might have been remade,” said Fleabag exec producer. “But because you can go on Amazon and find it in any country in the world, people have managed to find it before that happens.”

But Fleabag wasn’t the only hit of the night. Killing Eve (another Waller-Bridge written show) star also won for best leading drama actress. 

The US has undoubtedly fallen in love with Fleabag and more importantly the undeniably talented writer and actress behind it. 

Congrats Phoebe!


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