Amir Khan boxer kicked off flight by American Airlines Tweeting "NOT ALL Terrorists"

Amir Khan boxer kicked off flight by American Airlines Tweeting "NOT ALL Terrorists"

British Pakistani boxer Amir Khan has claimed he was removed from his American Airlines flight by police on Saturday after a complaint about his friend’s face mask.

He used a caption in his tweet saying Not all terrorists – suggesting the American Airlines crew treated him with disdain because of the colour of his skin and/or his religion.

The former world champion boxer posted a video on Twitter, Khan said he was travelling from New York to Colorado Springs to begin his training camp for his next fight.

He said he was told his colleague’s mask was not pulled up high enough on his face before both he and Khan were escorted from the flight.

Khan, who is expected to face rival Kell Brook in what would likely be his final fight, said: “I was taken off the plane today when I was going to training camp in Colorado Springs by police.

Amir Khan boxer heartbroken at his treatment by American Airlines

“A complaint was made by American Airlines staff, they said my colleague’s mask was not high enough and not up, that they had to stop the plane and take me and my friend off when I did nothing wrong.”

“They kicked us both off. I was sat at 1A and he was sat in 1B. I find it disgusting and disrespectful, I was supposed to go to Colorado Springs for a training camp and now I’m back in New York for another day and I have to reschedule another plane to travel back to training camp.”

“It’s really upsetting; there was no reason and I’m so disgusted that American Airlines would do this and ban me from travelling. There must be cameras that they can see to see if I or my colleague were bad in any way or caused. a scene in any way.”

“I’ve never seen this happen before and I’m heartbroken.”


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