6 genius hacks people have discovered over lockdown 

6 genius hacks people have discovered over lockdown 

6 genius hacks people have discovered over lockdown 

A quick and easy face covering, making sure the pets stay trimmed and don’t be quick to throw those tunnelled candles out – there’s a way to flatten the surface. 

We’ve picked out some of our favourite life hacks wonderful people have discovered during the lockdown. 

The genius life hacks you NEED to know!

Tunnelled candles

When a candle burns down, there’s always a lot of wax left around the edges that often makes it harder and harder to light the wick (and lots of candle going to waste). But before you throw them out – check out this wonderful tip. 

Light the candle and wrap a bit of tin foil around the top and let it burn until there’s no wax left around the holder. 

Taking notes for work, school and everyday

This is the height of laziness: dictating to your Mac what to type. Head to system preferences, go to the ‘keyboard’ section, press ‘dictation’, then ‘enable dictation’. Open up your document, double-tap the function key and start speaking.

Side note: what you say will be sent to Apple to be converted into text, so if you’re working on something top secret, perhaps this isn’t one for you.

Pet care in lockdown

Trimming your pets hair or nails can be a bit of a nightmare. But this genius is fully dedicated to her four-legged pal. Wrap your head in cling film and spoon on peanut butter so the dog can lick it whilst you trim their nails. 

FYI: dogs can eat peanut butter as long as it’s fed in moderation and doesn’t contain xylitol. It’s worth noting you can buy peanut butter for dogs.

Can’t close the window? 

Too short to reach the window handle to close it once it’s open? Get a whisk and prepare for a quick and simple solution that doesn’t involve you climbing on something. Magic.

Quick & easy facemask 

Facemasks might be around for a while longer – and it’s important to wash them regularly. If your masks are in the wash and you need to head out, here’s a way to create a quick and simple facemask. 

All you need is a bandana (or similar sized piece of material) and two hair ties or rubber bands.

Naughty BUT … Hiding wine during a zoom call

We absolutely do not encourage this, but if you want to grab a wine whilst on your Zoom call — one genius has come up with a great way to hide what you’re drinking and not arousing suspicion. 

Pour your wine into a mug, and sellotape a tea bag string hanging out of the mug. No one will know.



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