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All the Latest Danish News- Quick view of all the important headlines

DBU enters into a major partnership with the Salling Group DBU partners with Salling Group, Denmark’s largest grocery group, in the largest agreement ever. The partnership focuses on diversity, recruitment, and well-being in…

The Danish politiks headlines – Politiken Danish Newspaper – Statsminister – Borgen …

Thursday’s front pages feature a variety of topics – politics, is of course the focus. Several of the Conservative-supporting papers lead on the latest polling, which has suggested the Tories are on course for an electoral wipeout. Critics will say these papers are attempting to woo back disillusioned Tory voters by scaring them into voting Conservative otherwise expect an all-powerful Labour government. 

Several left-leaning newspapers also lead with the new polling data – but point to the fact the right-wing Reform Party – led by Nigel Farage – is picking up those disillusioned Tory voters. 

A few other politically charged stories also feature, with images of Just Stop Oil’s latest protest being the most popular this morning.

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