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Metropolitan Police

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In the UK the Home Office is responsible for the reduction and prevention of crime and oversees policing. The Ministry of Justice oversees the prosecution of criminals and a complete judicial process is in place for all to follow.

Officially, The Home Office, also known as the Home Department, is a ministerial department of the Government of the United Kingdom, responsible for immigration, security, and law and order.

Why is it called the Home Office?

On 27 March 1782, the UK Home Office was formed by renaming the existing Southern Department, with all existing staff transferring to the new department.
On the same day, the Northern Department has renamed the Foreign Office. To match the new names, there was a transfer of responsibilities between the two Departments of State.

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Why is the Old Bailey famous?

The name ‘Old Bailey’ comes from the street on which the court is located. The road marks the route of the City’s original fortified wall (or ‘bailey’). ‘Old Bailey’ is only a nickname for what’s really called the Central Criminal Court of England and Wales.

old bailey
Crime news daily the UK – News and updates from the UK  – The infamous Old Bailey in London!

What crimes go to the Old Bailey?

The Old Bailey is the famous court in London, It only deals with the most serious cases.





Threatening Behaviour.


Miscellaneous Breaking the Peace.

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Can you go in the Old Bailey?

Admittance to the galleries is free, as the Court is a public building. You may have to queue to gain admittance to a particular case if the public gallery is full. There is no wheelchair access to the Old Bailey public galleries. … No children under the age of 14 are allowed into the building.

Wayne Couzens latest

His crimes are so horrendous that news sites will continue to bring you Wayne Couzens latest information – where he’s being housed and his appeals. 

Wayne Couzens CCTV

One of the most famous cases of the past few years, the devastating murder of Sarah Everard in London – at the hands of a serving Metropolitan Police officer Wayne Couzens.

He had used his warrant card and handcuffs to ensnare Sarah Everard, 33,  under the pretence she had breached Covid rules before killing her with his police belt, a court has heard.

Couzens burned her body to try to hide his crimes – including kidnap, rape and murder. He was handed a rare life sentence at the Old Bailey for his despicable crimes. 

Breaking Wayne Couzens CCTV footage from our social media accounts detail Couzens movements and his police questioning. 

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