The UAE is fast becoming a gaming hub for esports in the Middle East

The UAE is fast becoming a gaming hub for esports in the Middle East

The UAE is fast becoming a gaming hub for esports in the Middle East. Through innovative alliances and partnerships with leading US organisations – like Monumental Sports & Entertainment– the UAE Embassy in Washington, DC is connecting like-minded gaming enthusiasts in the US and the Middle East, and increasing cultural understanding.

The UAE signed a partnership with the International Esports Federation to promote tolerance and coexistence within its ecosystem. This along with creating a virtual economy has been a shift in focus from the oil-rich nation. It has a certain symmetry in the middle east, with lots of tech startups being given a push in the region. Nymcard received a massive investment to push the digital card payments system in the region.

In keeping with a national commitment to promoting inclusivity, tolerance, and gender equality, the UAE has been actively promoting gender inclusivity in online gaming by hosting tournaments like the fourth annual  GIRL GAMER World Finals, one of the world’s top women’s events, in February 2020.

Esports is a booming business, since the lockdown, it has become bigger in many ways.

Overall, more than one in four Arab nationals play video games and Emiratis are among the most active; well over 60% of the population in the UAE play. As of 2018, men in the Middle East were more likely to play video games than women.

In the midst of social isolation caused by the global Coronavirus pandemic, the UAE has been increasing cultural understanding within its borders and online. It is determined to unify and connect like-minded gamers globally using the UAE as its hub. 

The UAE is also home to regional esports leaders like Power League Gaming, a top video game creator, and Nasr E-Sports, the leading esports organization in the MENA region. 

The country also hosted Insomnia Dubai when the Insomnia Gaming Festival Franchise extended to the Middle East last year and, more recently, the 4th edition of the Digital Games Conference Dubai in June 2020.


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