2022 money-saving tips - avoiding a ‘financial hangover’ 

2022 money-saving tips - avoiding a ‘financial hangover’ 

2022 money-saving tips – avoiding a ‘financial hangover’ 

A top financial app shared the best tips to take into 2022 to save money. Digital financial coaching app Claro Money says money saving can be challenging especially with the rising cost of living but don’t fear because there are financial hacks along the way. 

By using the tips, Brits can avoid a “financial hangover” in 2022 and have a positive outlook on the new year ahead. 

It’s handy to start looking back on last year’s spending habits to organise finances going ahead. 

Claro suggests making a note on what you’ve spent the most money on so you can work out where all your cash goes.

It would be helpful if you compare outgoings to help measure spending and identify areas where you could cut costs. 

It’s worth starting to save early in the year for upcoming key events. Try to put aside an amount that is realistic, keeping in mind your current outgoings and actual savings. A key tip with putting money aside each week is to take a flexible approach – put some cash to the side each week for things such as after-work drinks. 

If you’ve got a goal for saving, you should keep a separate pot according to the financial app. Keeping it separate from day-to-day spending and long-term saving allows people to remain on task and look at how much extra they have to spend. 

It can encourage people to make conscious financial decisions for the festive season and into the new year. 

And finally, spreading out costs is key, and while it may seem a while away, thinking ahead to next Christmas could help save financial stress and heartache. 

When looking ahead to next Christmas, Claro says purchasing earlier will give individuals a chance to shop around for the best deals and save money. 

It’s important to set aside money for emergencies that may arise over the year as well. This should cover three to six months worth of expenses so individuals are protected. 

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