Daily Mirror - 40 years after his speech: Britain’s modern crisis

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The Daily Mirror says former Labour leader Neil Kinnock says his blistering speech 40 years ago about the cruelty of life under the Tories has come true again. 

He “warned you about the Tories 40 years ago – and now he’s warning you again”, the paper says, referencing a speech he delivered days before Margaret Thatcher won the 1983 general election. As the speech approaches its 40th anniversary, Mr Kinnock tells the paper that the words of warning he spoke at the time are now “so close to reality”.

The front page features two images of  Mr Kinnock – one from the speech 40 years ago and a recent image. 

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How to kick-start your revision this spring

One of the UK’s leading independent fifth and sixth-form college groups, MPW has three colleges located in London, Birmingham and Cambridge

It may only be a few weeks into 2023, but A level and GCSE students are already beginning to think about the exams they’ll be sitting later this year.

The results are crucial because not only do they dictate the university a youngster can go to but also the subjects they can study in sixth form. And that affects their subsequent career.

It’s nerve-wracking enough and that’s even before you take into account the effect Covid has had on many young people’s confidence, especially in crucial exam situations.

So how can a student maximise their chances of doing well? A revision course at a Mander Portman Woodward (MPW) college this Easter can put them on the path to success.

The college has been helping students pass exams with flying colours for 50 years now: in 2022, the most commonly achieved A level grades across the group were A* and A.

MPW offers a highly-flexible curriculum comprising GCSE, A level and Easter Revision courses

Its secret? Small class sizes (nine maximum, although six or seven is the norm) and an emphasis on understanding core topic areas and learning good examination technique.

Every Easter 1,500 students study a wide range of A level and GCSE subjects at each of their its colleges.

On each course, there’s an emphasis on past paper practice alongside unparalleled individual support from highly qualified tutors, many of whom are trained examiners.

So it’s the perfect option for students keen to get the most out of the last few weeks before their exams.

Here’s how MPW can help:


Even decades on, everyone remembers sitting their GCSEs – the revising, the nerves and the knowledge that it’s the first set of exams you’ve taken where the results truly matter.

But nowadays it’s more important than ever to do well. Because not only are schools and colleges raising their requirements for sixth-form entry, university tutors are now paying much closer attention to applicants’ earlier grades.

Add to this Government reforms making GCSEs even more challenging and it’s no wonder Year 11s want to make every moment of their revision count.

Make revision count with MPW’s Easter Revision programmes which aim to get you thoroughly prepared for your exams

That’s where MPW can help this Easter. Its running courses encompassing the most popular GCSE subjects which take into account both the new specifications and the needs of students.

That’s because all students fill out a form before they arrive detailing the areas they need help in – and small class sizes mean tutors can tailor the course to them.

It provides a real confidence boost for students who frequently find they understand difficult topics more easily as new tutors cover them from a different perspective.

Each GCSE revision course is 20 hours long and spread over a week, either in the morning or afternoon. This means up to two subjects can be studied a week, or six in total during the three-week Easter holiday.

At the end of each, students are given a report which includes details of their strengths and weaknesses and specific suggestions for improvement.


The Easter before A levels – the last chance to get in some serious revision before sitting the exams that could define the rest of your life.

It’s particularly important this year as not only does the return to pre-pandemic grade boundaries mean fewer top marks will be awarded but the increasing number of 18-year-olds in the UK means more competition for university places.

Get set for that next step: A levels set you on course for the working world, so it’s best to be as prepared as possible

So a revision course is a great idea. That’s where MPW come in – all of its courses are exam board specific to ensure students study the right syllabus (except History and English Literature which are topic or text-specific).

But it’s even more specialised than that. Before starting, MPW ask each student attending which areas they’re worried about and make sure they’re covered.

Small class sizes make this possible.

Revision courses in an array subjects, from the mainstream to classical civilisation, theatre studies and business studies, are available.

Each course lasts for up to 40 hours over a week so students can study up to three subjects – one a week – during their spring break.

The aim is to cultivate a high level of understanding of core topic areas, to show students how to revise effectively and help them develop good examination technique.

And at the end of each week-long course, students will go away with feedback that tells them their strengths and weaknesses and makes suggestions for improvement.

MPW’s Easter Revision courses run from 27th March through to 21st April. For more information, go to mpw.ac.uk

Who are Mander Portman Woodward? Value-added exam results, excellent progression to top universities and strong pastoral care: MPW are a college you can trust with your future
Founded in 1973 by three Cambridge University graduates, MPW is one of the UK’s leading independent fifth and sixth-form college groups.
Its GCSE, A level and University Foundation courses attract 1,200 students each year with around two thirds being British and one third international.
An additional 1,500 sign up for its Easter revision courses, that have been running for over 30 years.
The group is known for small, Oxbridge-style tutorial groups with a focus on exam preparation and unparalleled individual support and pastoral care.
And they enjoy a reputation for a highly flexible curriculum that leads to great results.

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