‘You are not forgotten, we’ll celebrate later’ Hong Kong pens Christmas cards

‘You are not forgotten, we’ll celebrate later’ Hong Kong pens Christmas cards

Hong Kongers have been gathering across the city in their spare time to write Christmas cards to injured protesters and those in detention as the anti-government movement continues through the festive season. 

“I don’t even want to celebrate because so many people are seriously injured,” said officer worker Felix Wong. 

“We didn’t forget about them. We’re not partying… ‘We can celebrate later, not now’,” she said when asked what she had written in her cards.  

She was one of a dozen office workers and residents who dropped by a shopping area on Monday to give their Christmas cards. 

Volunteers in black masks and baseball caps collected them in boxes. 

It’s now been more than six months of anti-government protests which show no signs of stopping. Police have arrested 6,060 people since the unrest began, with 997 charged with various offences, as of Dec 12. 

Of the arrested the age ranges from 11 to 84, according to police. But they failed to say how many of them are in detention. 

Over the weekend, a line of people waited at the entrance of a train station to drop off their cards. 

Bonnie Lock, 52, dropped off her card with a crowd of her neighbours. 

“As Christmas and Chinese New Year [approaches], I want to show some support, to let them know that we, the peaceful protesters… miss them very much,” Loch said. 

“We hope they can feel some warmth and won’t feel that lonely.”

Protests are scheduled to continue across the city through this week and into Christmas. 



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