Time for 'Plan B' If you Trade with the EU - Build up your capital Reserves in Euro's

Time for 'Plan B' If you Trade with the EU - Build up your capital Reserves in Euro's

The UK will cease to be a member of the EU on 29 March 2019. At midnight 30th March 2019, expect to pay more for your phone calls, more for your credit card charges and more to transfer into Euro’s.

Prepare yourself for the ultimate British failure to reach the kind of deal Brexiteers once claimed would be easy to accomplish.

With several sticking points remaining in negotiations, the EU will not bow to the UK’s pressure, confidently knowing the UK has a lot more to lose by breaking away from the single market.

  • This will be an immediate win for Brussels is the city will have to migrate or completely move to Europe, infact some banks have already started preparing to move their operations to the EU.
  • The immediate impact on sterling will make doing business with EU so much more expensive. And the ultimate cost of this will be consumers and businesses will pay more for goods and services. This prompted the governor Bank of England Mark Carney to say no deal would be “highly undesirable”.
  • The NHS will likely become more strained, because of price hikes in purchasing medicine from the European pharmaceutical companies.
  • The Police chief has warned of a risk to the public safety as in a no deal scenario, the UK loses access to EU-wide crime databases.
  • Britain’s largest Trade market, would become subject to tariffs.

There has increasingly been talk of what happens if there is no agreement in place and Today, Brexit Secretary Dominic Raab has set out what he called “practical and proportionate” advice in case the UK leaves the EU with “no deal”.

What is clear and evident, the likely hood of favourable outcome is slim, even with a Brexit deal in place the UK will be hit with a ‘Brexit cold’ – the consequences of no deal scenario would send the UK economy into a massive coma, primarily devaluing the biggest asset the UK has, ‘the power of Sterling.

All you need to know about the upcoming ‘No Deal’ Brexit scenario

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