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Book ’em!

I am sick of reading about the number of high profile sex pests who’ve now been airbrushed out of films or TV shows cancelled and/or postponed because some actors are under investigation for abuse.

I am also tired of reading how self-confessed sexual predators are now being counselled and undergoing therapy treatment to ‘cure them’ of wandering hand syndrome or whatever nonsense they got up to when targeting victims to their unwanted attentions.

How about we go for something really radical … put these perverts before the courts and let a judge and jury decide.

Some of the allegations being made against actors, politicians and media giants are extremely serious and need to be investigated by police as a matter of urgency. Trial by tabloids does no one any favours.

We want justice.

Why Donald Trump has gone beyond a joke

The US President has said and done some terrible things … we’ve all heard the tapes exposing his locker room talk and boasts about his ‘success’ with members of the opposite sex.

We’ve endured his vile tweets and read his offensive insults to other world leaders. Justified or not, this is not how we expect the so-called leader of the free world to behave.

But now he’s signed off on a piece of legislation which makes absolutely no sense at all other than for a privileged few gun-happy monsters who get a kick out of killing elephants. I read this ABC News story and just asked one question: Why?

EU must be joking!

So who the hell do these Europeans think they are? Coming over here trying to save our industries and our jobs! What next?

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Coup de Grace

Don’t you just love it when a man in uniform appears on state TV to tell you the leader of a country has stepped down while briefing the rest of the world that this is NOT a military coup.

While it is clear 93-year-old Mugabe is no longer in power, it appears there’s been some sort of internal party takeover ‘to refresh the political system, with the army’s support. The trouble is once men in uniform take control they are usually reluctant to relinquish power.

Read the full article here.

Courting controversy

Eyebrows are being raised over one of US President Donald Trump’s choices of judicial nominees. It’s not that Brett Talley, 36, is a ghost hunter and member of the Tuscaloosa Paranormal Research Group or that he failed to disclose a conflict of interest in that his wife is already a White House lawyer.

There is genuine alarm bells ringing that a lifetime post as an Alabama federal judge is going to a man who has never tried a case.

Alien Friends

So there’s great excitement because a bunch of astronomers have found a cool, Earth-sized planet called Ross 128 b, that’s relatively close to our own Solar System at a mere 11 light-years away.

However, before we start sending messages and space probes out with messages of goodwill, wouldn’t it be a better idea to try and get on with each other back on Planet Earth first?

A Sorry State!

This tweet caught my eye and is a reminder of how politicians of the past came up with brilliant ideas for the people and for future generations. Look at the sorry rabble we have today … many known only for their disgraceful expenses claims, roving hands, serial lies and sex pest tendencies. Long live the NHS!

On this day in 1897 Nye Bevan, the founder of the NHS, was born. Pls RT if you think he is an absolute legend

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