Shaheen cyclone Latest - Seven more people were killed in Oman

Shaheen cyclone Latest - Seven more people were killed in Oman

Shaheen cyclone Latest Oman – Seven more people were killed as heavy winds and rain swept through the country after a ferocious storm battered landfall, the national emergency committee said on Monday on its official Twitter account.

Heavy rain and winds with speeds up to 139 km swept through the country on Sunday causing landslides and flash floods.

Four people had been killed on Sunday, including a child following a flash storm in the middle east.

The latest data showed that the storm had subsided, the civil aviation authority said on Monday, warning that scattered rainfall was still expected.

It urged citizens to be careful crossing valleys and avoid low-lying areas.

Rescuing 4 citizens from the Wilayat of Al Khaboura in an operation carried out by the Royal Air Force, which is carrying out continuous search and rescue operations in the areas and villages of the North and South Al Batinah governorates.

The Eye of the storm hit 90 mph

When the eye of the storm crossed land was carrying winds of between 120 and 150 km per hour (75-93 mph), Omani authorities said. It was throwing up waves of up to 10 metres (32 feet).

Shaheen Cyclone rips through Oman

Video footage from Omani broadcasters showed vehicles submerged as people tried to make their way through muddy brown floodwater. State TV showed people in flooded areas being rescued by helicopter. People walked along flooded streets, while a tractor ploughed through the mud.

Up to 500 mm (20 inches) of rain was expected in some areas, raising the risk of flash floods.

Cyclones steadily lose their power over land and overnight this one was downgraded to a tropical storm after it cleared the ocean, the meteorology service said on Twitter.


Cyclone Shaheen strikes parts of Oman and Iran

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