The Most important thing to do in Marrakech

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The most important thing to do in Marrakech

UPDATE: Is Marrakech open & When will Morroco open borders?

Morocco is beautiful, Marrakesh is the heartbeat of Morroco. From the moment you touch down at the airport, you are hit with this overwhelming feeling of pleasure. Filled with mosaics that are everywhere and a sense of development that provides comfort. And then you reach the hustle and bustle of downtown Marrakech, the spirited drivers and the passionate people, fill the air with a certain romance unlike any other.  Many of the museums and hotels have pools in the centre of their courtyards and decorating the floors and the walls are stunning mosaic artworks.

A City filled with wonderful and ancient historic sites, full of history and wisdom. Museums, palace and a souk all within 10km of each other. Culture is hard to ignore, despite the modernisation of the North African country, it has held onto its heritage. The development has brought in shopping centres and the luxury hotels have pools in the centre of their courtyards and decorating the floors and the walls are stunning mosaic artworks. Despite all the opulence and diversity of a developing nation that caters for tourist from all around the globe, the one must thing to do in Marrakech is the hammam experience. It is more than just a visit to the public bathhouse, or luxury spa depending on the version you select.


You can’t visit Marrakech without enjoying the luxury of a hammam. It’s a different experience to a spa in the Western world – prepare to be asked to strip down to your underwear for a good scrub. Warm water will be splashed over you before you’re rubbed with a body scrub. Followed by a relaxing massage which will have you
refreshed for when you leave the hammam, smelling heavenly and revitalised.

In fact, it’s a ritual here in Morocco where both men and women are known to frequent on a regular basis. Given the rise in tourism, mid-range and luxury spas have opened to cater to this growing market, while local hammams remain popular for tourists wanting the real deal.

UPDATE: Is Marrakech open & When will Morroco open borders

Is Marrakech open?

For the US – YES!

This North Africa favourite is open to specific US travellers only. You must have reservations with a Moroccan hotel or travel agency or be invited by a Moroccan company, the US Embassy in Morocco says. A printed, negative Covid-19 PCR test result taken within 72 hours before departure is required to enter. Expect a health screening. No mandatory quarantines are in place, but local curfews are.


Morocco tourism soared to record high of $8Bn in 2019



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