BREAKING NEWS: Israel and Hamas agree ceasefire

BREAKING NEWS: Israel and Hamas agree ceasefire

Israel has approved a unilateral ceasefire to put an end to an 11-day military offensive operation in the Gaza Strip, which was confirmed by a Hamas official and Israeli media.

A Hamas official told Reuters that Hamas and Israel will enter a “mutual and simultaneous” truce from 2 am on Friday (11 pm GMT Thursday).

Israeli media reported that Benjamin Netanyahu’s security cabinet had approved the truce, on the basis of what one official was quoted as calling “quiet in exchange for quiet”.

On Thursday in one last push, before the ceasefire, the Israeli army fired more than 100 airstrikes that targeted Hamas infrastructure in the north of Gaza. According to the Israeli army, Hamas infrastructure includes hospitals, apartment buildings and basements of civilian homes.

Israel and Hamas agree on a ceasefire

In the last 11 days, the siege on Gaza has been relentless, rocket fire, drone bombing and a military ground offensive. The world has witnessed this latest siege, which is an act of genocide, ethnic cleansing.

  • Israel has usurped Palestinians from their homes in Sheikh Jarrah
  • Killed over 240 civilian Palestinians, 70% of them were women and children
  • Shot babies/toddlers with rubber bullets
  • SIlenced and intimidated journalists
  • Bombed Al Jazeera headquarters in Palestine
  • Bombed Associated Press (AP) in Palestine
  • Destroyed housing complexes
  • Bombed at least 2 hospitals

During this siege, the United States President, Joe Biden and his Democratic Party have once again blocked efforts at the UN Security Council to issue a statement calling on Israel to stop its military offensive, stressing instead its own diplomatic efforts. Speaking at the White House, President Joe Biden said he commended Mr Netanyahu in a phone call after the ceasefire agreement was announced.

In Israel 12 people, including two children, have been killed, out of which two Arabs living in Israel were killed by Israeli police.

Israeli-Palestinian conflict rages on as France pushes ceasefire resolution at UN



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