Spanish experts warn masks should be worn for ALL of 2021

Spanish experts warn masks should be worn for ALL of 2021

Spanish experts warn masks should be worn for ALL of 2021

It looks like Covid-19 safety measures will be around for a while in Spain – facemasks, social distancing and other basic safety measures such as regularly washing hands are likely to be in place for the whole of 2021. 

2020 will go down in history as the Covid-19 year, and 2021 looks set to become the year of the vaccine, with the most vulnerable being vaccinated first and then later the rest of the population. 

Official sources from the Interterritorial Health Council have said the ‘vaccination process will be long’ and mask use will have to be maintained ‘for many months regardless of the arrival of vaccines.’ 

They also highlighted that for a time ‘vaccinated citizens will live together with others who are not and who must be protected.’ 

There are still questions around vaccines, such as how long immunity will last and the possibilities of re-infection. 

Some experts say the vaccination plan will be extended throughout winter. With this, it will be necessary to continue wearing masks and socially distancing at least 2-metres and hand-washing for ‘at least’ 2021. 

Public health experts do not believe the vaccine will end the pandemic, but with the arrival of the vaccine and paired with safety measures it will bring about the end of Covid-19.



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