Selena Gomez slams Boris Johnson’s G7 promise - ‘too little too late’

Selena Gomez slams Boris Johnson’s G7 promise - ‘too little too late’

Selena Gomez slams Boris Johnson’s G7 promise – ‘too little too late’

Actress and singer Selena Gomez has taken to Twitter to slam prime minister Boris Johnson over his recent announcement about Britain distributing surplus vaccines to poorer countries.

Gomez tagged the PM in a tweet to her 64.8 million followers. 

The 28-year-old wrote: “.@BorisJohnson, 5million doses by September is too little too late. You promised Britain would donate ALL its surplus vaccines. Ahead of the #G7 Summit in Cornwall, call on the PM to help meet 1B doses.”

She also tagged the Global Citizen in her tweet earlier as well as a link to a page where visitors can send an email to the PM entitled “Act Now to Help End the Pandemic for All.” 

‘Massive step in beating the pandemic for good’

Boris Johnson announced ahead of the G7 summit, that the UK would donate 100 million doses of the vaccine over the next year. 

The PM promised at least five million would be distributed to poorer countries before the end of September. 

But back in February, he had said to G7 leaders the UK would share every single surplus vaccines to poorer countries in need. 

Speaking earlier in the week in Cornwall – where he travelled to via private jet – the PM spoke of his plan to send 25 million spare vaccines across the globe. 

He said: “As a result of the success of the UK’s vaccine programme we are now in a position to share some of our surplus doses with those who need them.

“In doing so we will take a massive step towards beating this pandemic for good.”

Unicef released an open letter to the G7 leaders urging them to work faster with their donations of vaccines, celebs such as David Beckham and Katy Perry have added their signatures. 



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