How 2020 New Years Eve Celebrations will take place globally

How 2020 New Years Eve Celebrations will take place globally

How New Years Eve celebrations will take place globally. In a year which has seen the whole world suffer from the covid-19 pandemic that has affected over 80 million people worldwide, and killed around 1.8 million. In Australia and New Zealand, New Year 2021 has already arrived.

But how will the rest fo the world plan to control and enjoy the normally magnificent and grand New Year’s eve celebrations? Below we take a look at the major cities and how they plan to put on a display for a socially distanced crowd or for social media live Streams.

New Years Eve celebrations around the world

Australia and New Zealand have already started the 2021 New Years Party, with Japan coming in next.

You can watch the full coverage of New Zealand and Australia’s Celebrations:

New Zealand and Sydney bids farewell to 2020 – Happy New Year 2021

2020 New Years Eve In Tokyo, Japan

In Tokyo, which will see in the new year at 1500 GMT, residents face the prospect a state of emergency being imposed after a daily record 1,300 new coronavirus infections were recorded in the last 24 hours.

2020 New Years Eve Dubai & Beirut

Thousands are expected to attend fireworks and a laser show in Dubai at the Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest tower, despite a slew of new cases.

All those attending the event — whether at a public place, hotel or restaurant — will be required to wear masks and register with QR codes.

In Beirut, a city still reeling from the August 4 port explosion, authorities are also cutting loose.

A night curfew has been pushed back to 3 am. Bars, restaurants and night clubs have all reopened and are advertising large parties to mark the turn of the year.

2020 New Years Eve In Italy

Italy — where shocking images of makeshift morgues and exhausted medics awoke the world to the severity of the crisis — is on a nationwide lockdown until January 7 and a 10 pm curfew is in place.

2020 New Years Eve In France

From France to Latvia to Brazil, police and — in some cases — military personnel are being deployed to make sure night-time curfews or bans on large gatherings are enforced.

2020 New Years Eve London, England

In hard-hit London, 74-year-old American singer-songwriter Patti Smith will ring in the New Year with a tribute to National Health Service workers who have died from Covid-19, projected on the screen at Piccadilly Circus and streamed on YouTube. Social gatherings are banned in most of the UK.

2020 New Years Eve Moscow & Siberian Russia

On the banks of Lake Baikal in Siberia, where temperatures plummet to as low as -35 degrees celsius (-31 Fahrenheit), around a dozen Russians emerged invigorated after a new year’s eve ice dip.

The swimmers, known in Russia as “walruses”, ran several kilometres (miles) through a snowy forest in swimsuits and festive costumes before plunging into the world’s largest freshwater lake.

“It’s invigorating. It stings a little!” Andrei Bugai told AFP after climbing out of the water.

“It’ll make you feel 10 years younger,” said Ksenia Novoseltseva, another swimmer, with a wide grin on her face.

2020 New Years Eve Berlin, Germany

Chancellor Angela Merkel on Thursday used her New Year greeting to warn Germans the “historic” coronavirus crisis will extend into 2021 even if vaccines bring some hope.

2020 New Years Eve Sau Paulo, Brazil

In Brazil — which has already recorded more than 193,000 Covid-19 deaths, the second-largest number in the world — fearful medics await a new wave.

In recent days, social media has been filled with videos showing mask-less revellers enjoying a night out and television channels have even shown live images of police closing bars full of customers.

“The pandemic peak was between May and July, which was when there wasn’t a lot of movement and we looked after ourselves more. Now there are many cases and people are acting as if there wasn’t a pandemic,” said Luiz Gustavo de Almeida, a microbiologist at the University of Sao Paulo.


New Zealand and Sydney bids farewell to 2020 – Happy New Year 2021

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