Berlin attacks prompt a direct response from Merkel in Her New Years message

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German Chancellor Angela Merkel admitted there is “no doubt” the recent spate of terrorist attacks that hit the country was the most challenging test it had to undergo this year. Refugee attackers “mocked” the readiness to help those in need, she added in her New Year’s address. Interior minister Marco Minniti told a news conference on Friday in Rome that Amri had been fatally shot after firing at police who had stopped his car for a routine identity check around 3am (02:00 GMT).

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Talking Points:

  • Berlin attacks are starting to test the resolve to the Germans. A reaction is expected, does that come with tighter immigration borders, more policing controls or bigger bounties?
  • A lot of unrest in creeping into the German chancellor’s CDU party.
  • Two attackers, of Tunisian origin are still at large, or one is thought to be shot in Milan
  • A link has appeared between ISIS and Berlin attackers.
  • One of the attackers was apparently under months of surveillance and a rejected asylum seeker.
  • A $104,000 bounty is being offered for information leading up to his arrest.
  • More to follow as it unfolds.
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