Barabanki accident: 18 dead in horror crash in India 

Barabanki accident: 18 dead in horror crash in India 

Barabanki accident: 18 dead in horror crash in India 

A horror crash in the northern Indian state of Uttar Pradesh has killed at least 18 people after a truck crashed into a bus. 

The migrant workers were on an 800-mile journey from Haryana to their home state of Bihar when their bus broke down in Barabanki district. 

Some of the workers were on the bus while others were sleeping next to it when the accident happened on Wednesday. 

Police told the BBC that the bus was “overloaded beyond its capacity”.

The superintendent of police in Barabanki said some of the passengers had decided to get off the bus and sleep next to it while the bus driver looked for a mechanic to fix the bus. 

“It’s an unfortunate incident. The bus probably broke down because it had about 140 passengers when its capacity was just 65. We are assisting the families,” Yamuna Prasad said.

He said the bus had no windows because it was air-conditioned, and for these reasons, some of the passengers decided to sleep on the road. 

At least 30 people, some of whom are critically injured, have been admitted to hospitals in Barabanki.

PM Narendra Modi tweeted his condolences and said the families of the victims will receive compensation, as well as those who were injured. 

People from Bihar often go to states like Haryana and Delhi for work and use trains and buses as it’s cheaper. 

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