Weather Update as the Temperature Drops to -12 Outside - Travel Chaos!!!

Flights from Heathrow airport have been cancelled as bad weather continues to affect parts of the UK.

The fallout from storm Caroline is expected to get worse over the next few days as the temperature is expected to drop to -12 C.

Drivers have been warned of “treacherous” conditions after snow turned to ice, while rail travel across England and Wales has been affected.

The wintry conditions forced hundreds of schools to close on Monday, while several thousand homes remain without power amid heavy snow and high winds.

Up to 30cm (12in) of snow fell in some areas, and overnight into Monday, temperatures dropped to -12C (10F) in Chillingham Barns, Northumberland.

There is a risk of up to 5cm of additional snow on higher ground in Kent, Sussex, Surrey and Hampshire, but it is not expected to settle at lower levels.

Winter is finally here, forecasters warn, with frost, drizzle and even possibility of a dusting of snow in some parts of the UK and the Met office has issued warnings for all travelers. Check before you embark on any journey with rail disruptions and flight cancellations on all major airports.

Follow our guide to quick car check to help you prepare for this weather. Storm Caroline – Snow & Gales – Yellow Warning, A checklist of things to do to prepare!

 Storm Caroline – Snow & Gales – Yellow Warning, A checklist of things to do to prepare!

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