Ivanka Trump Twitter calls rioters "American Patriots," then deletes Tweet

Ivanka Trump Twitter calls rioters "American Patriots," then deletes Tweet

While retweeting her father, President Trump’s tweet, Ivanka Trump Twitter account addressed the rioters as “American Patriots.”

She added, “the violence must stop immediately. Please be peaceful.”

Minutes later, after push back on Twitter for calling the rioters “patriots,” she deleted the tweet.

Ivanka Trump calls Rioters Patriots in a tweet which she later deleted

Aides are urging President Trump to put out a stronger statement in response to the chaos unfolding on Capitol Hill after his supporters breached security barriers. He has so far declined, beyond his latest tweet, as he is watching coverage from the West Wing.

Some Republicans were trying to overturn the results in some states but lack sufficient support. But the US Congress was able to reconvene to certify Biden’s win after rioters breach Capitol Hill.

Trump did come out and called on his violent supporters to go home but repeated false claims the election was stolen. Ivanka Trump called the rioters ‘Patriots’ before her tweet was deleted.

Backlash on Twitter

Armed standoff capitol and the US congress reconvenes to certify Biden's win in the US Capitol

The House and Senate so far overwhelmingly rejected an attempt to object to the election results in Arizona. Today’s certification process was halted when the riots began. A woman was shot and killed on the Capitol grounds during the riots.

Vice President Pence calls for rioters to leave the Capitol building

After rioters stormed the US Capitol building, Vice President Mike Pence is now calling for an end to violence and for people to respect law enforcement and leave the building.

White House Press Secretary tweeted that President Trump has directed the National Guard and other “federal protective services” to assist with responding to the rioters at the US Capitol.

“We reiterate President Trump’s call against violence and to remain peaceful,” she tweeted.

Virginia is sending 200 state troopers and mobilizing a unit of the Guard to quell the situation at the US Capitol.


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