Doctor, Doctor, or Pharmacist? I need you Now!

Save Time and Money with online Pharamacies

Over the years many people visit their doctor regularly and with this, you and your doctor build a relationship which is often invaluable to your health and treatment. Another member of this group is your local pharmacist, being able to talk and interact with them ensures an equally invaluable quality of medical care.

Since the advent of digital or online pharmacies, has this relationship become strained or stronger, well we surveyed a small group of users and discovered that most people have warmed to the online pharmacist and those that don’t are those who don’t really use the pharmacist at all.

One of the most important things a pharmacist does is to make sure that you take your medication the right way. They also check to see if your medications react badly with one another which may lead to a drug-drug interaction. They let you know about side effects and ways to deal with these effects. Your pharmacist must also make sure that you are not allergic to any medications that are prescribed for you. It is your pharmacist’s job to counsel you on your medication and health and also to make sure that healthcare providers who prescribe your drugs know about the latest drug information.

Online Pharmacists also create a seamless transition from prescription to delivery, which means they can talk to you about the medication over the phone and then arrange a delivery method that suits you, whether it be at work or at home and in most cases, this is free of charge. These measures are all in place to ensure you are taking your medication and accessibility is a key component to that.

How your Pharmacist can help you with medication & treatment

  1. Medication management: Pharmacists can play a role helping patients with chronic diseases have better medication adherence and clinical outcomes.
  2. Medication reconciliation: Pharmacists help detect and reduce medication discrepancies and increase benefits through a comprehensive transition of care programs, especially among post-discharge patients with an elevated risk of readmission.
  3. Preventive care services: Pharmacists play a key role in immunisation services and identifying vaccine candidates. They also provide screening services and have great access to the community.
  4. Education and behaviour counselling: Pharmacist-provided behavioural counselling improves medication adherence and therapeutic outcomes in patients with chronic conditions, and can play a major role in other types of pharmacist interventions shown to improve outcomes.
  5. Social care models: They can manage the timely delivery of your medicines Which is especially useful for those who struggle to make it to the pharmacy on time and the elderly. Where the pharmacist can deliver your medicines to your house. Many online pharmacies specialise in this and it is often a free service.

you can use your pharmacist online or on the phone, even if you’re busy, you should do it. It’s quicker than going to visit them. Every day health care means you build a relationship with your GP Doctor & pharmacist, It could literally help save your life. Most online pharmacies also have medical professionals available in live chats and calls to help you with any queries you may have.

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