UK COVID: 618,903 people pinged by NHS Covid-19 app

UK COVID: 618,903 people pinged by NHS Covid-19 app

UK COVID: 618,903 people pinged by NHS Covid-19 app

Data shows 618, 903 alerts were sent – up 17% rise from the previous week – to people using the NHS Covid app in England and Wales, forcing them to self-isolate in the week between 8 and 15 July. 

Key workers – who are fully vaccinated – will be exempt from the self-isolating rule if they are pinged by the app. 

Kwasi Kwarteng told the BBC a “very narrow” list of jobs would be released today.

The self-isolating rule for people who are double jabbed and are pinged by the app is due to be scrapped by 16 August, he added. 

The latest figures show another 44,104 daily Covid-19 cases in the UK and 73 coronavirus-related deaths. 

PM Boris Johnson has warned cases are likely to rise more this week as most legal restrictions – such as facemasks and social distancing – have ended in England.  

The NHS Covid-19 app ‘pings’ people to inform them if they have come into close contact with a positive Covid-19 case. If a user of the app is pinged they are told to self-isolate for 10 days. 

In England, 607,486 alerts were sent to users in the period between 8 and 15 July, with a further 11,417 sent in Wales.

Downloads of the app continued to rise to 26,826,748 from 26,523,853 the previous week.

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