Facebook down - Back online after 12 hours of chaos

Facebook down - Back online after 12 hours of chaos

#facebookdown has been trending on Twitter for 12 hours whilst Facebook down.

Finally, however, after 12 hours  Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp back online after almost 12 hours of chaos.

Facebook said its apps are coming back online after an hours-long worldwide outage on Monday that included Instagram, WhatsApp and Oculus. The cause for the outages was not immediately confirmed.

Facebook share price dropped by almost 5%.

Facebook down, WhatsApp down and Instagram down

Facebook down – not 100% back

It is still experiencing problems with live streaming via third-party apps, services like restream are still not able to connect to Facebook’s live platform.

The advertising marketplace has seen a drop in results, which was to be expected and you should check performance with your reports.

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