Ryan Air to cancel 50 flights a day - Costing up to €35M

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As Ryanair, and its passengers start considering the fallout from their cancelled flights, experts have begin to count the cost of its decision to cancel 40 to 50 flights every day for the next six weeks. Data suggest that this ordeal is already affecting the airline’s long-term efforts to improve its public perception.

The brand blames poor planning of pilots’ holidays for the disruption, though other reports suggest recruitment issues are also a problem. They are also concerns that Ryan air is hiding the true reason for the delay and masking the problem as pilot holiday.

What is more disturbing to investors and passengers alike is why Ryan Air has done so little to address the issue, this further suggests the real truth behind the cancellations lies else where. Surely, a HR problem like this has many simple solutions. If the airline really wanted to they could offer to pay Pilots extra or bonuses to cover the short staffing.

The airline said over the weekend that it will cancel 40 to 50 flights every day until the end of October after “messing up” its pilots’ holidays, the fallout from which could affect nearly 400,000 passengers.

The Irish carrier said it could face compensation claims of up to €20m and lose €5m worth of fares. However, Experts predicts the flight cancellations could cost Ryanair nearly €34.5m.

The European Commission also waded into the discussion yesterday, saying that the budget airline will have to comply with European Union rules on passenger rights which include possible reimbursement.

Compensation is available for all passengers affected and you can fill in the form below for expert help.

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