Hawaii braces itself for Category 5 Hurricane

Hawaii braces itself for Category 5 Hurricane

Authorities in Hawaii have urged residents to prepare 14 days worth of supplies ahead of Hurricane Lane. A Category 5 cyclone that could make landfall in the islands in the coming days.

Government offices would be closed Thursday and Friday as the storm, as the storm will bring with it large amounts of intense and heavy rain, liable to cause disruption the holiday state. According to National Weather Service “life threatening impacts are likely” as it warned residents to brace themselves for the Hurricane named ‘Lane’.

Also the state Governor David Ige said “Just want to remind everyone to prepare to shelter in place 14 days of food and supplies and water,” he said at a news conference in Hawaii.

The storm’s dangerous center could make its way towards land as it moves past the islands from Thursday through to Saturday.

But forecasters have warned that even if the eye doesn’t cross land, it should draw close enough to the islands that it brings destructive winds and rain accumulations over 20 inches of rain in some locations.

This video from the international Space station shows how the hurricane moves towards land.

Forecasters said the storm was moving to the west-northwest but was expected to make a harder turn toward the northwest and north-northwest over the next 24 hours.

The storm was in the Pacific about 250 miles south of the Big Island town of Kailua-Kona early Wednesday, with wind speeds of 155 mph. Tropical-storm-force winds persist up to 140 miles from the center.

Lane is expected to weaken slowly through Friday, but it still is forecast “to remain a dangerous hurricane as it draws closer to the Hawaiian Islands,” the National Weather Service’s Central Pacific Hurricane Center says.

President Donald Trump urged those in the path of the storm to prepare and listen to local officials.

Local residents have started preparing for the imminent arrival of Hurricane Lane, with supermarkets running low on essential supplies and shoppers faced with empty shelves. Many of whom have taken to social media to demonstrate their frustration.

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