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What’s the big secret? (pic: Sony)

The Monday letters page defends the quality of Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom’s graphics, as a reader looks forward to the Ark Survival update.

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Perfect scenarioI tend to agree with the Reader’s Feature that said this week’s PlayStation Showcase is going to be a pivotal moment for the company. If they reveal nothing of interest then they leave an open goal for Xbox, if they do well then they secure their dominant position with PlayStation 5 and perhaps beyond.

I’m just not sure I believe that’s really going to happen. The rule with these sort of things is to always expect nothing and I really can’t imagine there being five or so games to announce that are all mind-blowing, which is what would be needed for the perfect scenario.

What I don’t understand though is why are Sony being secretive about all this? They never used to be. They used to announce games years in advance, with nothing but a pre-rendered trailer and that worked out great for them. I’m confused as to why they would change. I get they don’t want to announce a release date they might not be able to make but just don’t mention one, they never used to anyway.

For me, Wednesday is exciting not just because of what might be announced but because I have no idea what or how they’ll talk about things. Will this be Sony back to its old-self or will they still try and get away with saying and showing as little as possible? If it’s 45 minutes of Spider-Man 2 and not much else the internet is going to go nuts.Gaston

Off the fenceI was a bit dubious about the new Zelda, as I’m a big fan of traditional dungeons, but I was glad to hear that there were some in the new game.

I decided to take the plunge and glad that I did. In fact, I’m even enjoying the shrines when I wasn’t a huge fan in the first game. I’ve only completed one of the more traditional style dungeons so far, the one in the sky, and found it really enjoyable.

I found that Reader’s Feature talking about the graphics being terrible quite interesting. I completely disagree. The Switch is nowhere near as powerful as a PlayStation 5 or Xbox One. Sure, there’s some framerate issues, mostly when using your abilities to move stuff around, but the draw distance is impressive whether that’s up, down, or all around you. The graphics are quite nice I think. I do think that Link’s running animation is a bit iffy but happy to forgive that.

Anyway, if you’re on the fence like I was then you may want to give it a whirl and could find yourself pleasantly surprised as was I.Steve

Please waitI enjoyed the modern gaming is worse Reader’s Feature. I do sympathise with the view, especially as I haven’t been getting as much gaming time over the last year or so.

It seems like every time I try to have a quick Gran Turismo 7 session I‘m faced with a PlayStation 5 system software update and a Gran Turismo 7 update. I didn’t have that in the old days. Thankfully Nintendo Switch updates tend to be smaller, so I always have something to fall back on.EdCurrently completing: Paper Mario: The Origami King, which has been great fun.

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Evolved eraIn a move that promises to redefine the gaming experience for countless players, the highly acclaimed game Ark Survival Evolved is set to evolve with the upcoming release of Ark Survival Ascended. As the August launch approaches, dedicated survivors find themselves reflecting on the remarkable journey they’ve embarked on in the current version of the game. The imminent transition to Ark Survival Ascended marks the end of an era for these passionate gamers.

With the deletion of servers, bases, and the loss of years’ worth of progress, it’s natural for players to feel a bittersweet sense of farewell. Tamed dinosaurs that have become beloved companions and meticulously crafted bases that served as havens in the untamed world will soon be left behind. However, the developers have ensured that this evolution comes with exciting opportunities for growth and new beginnings.

Ark Survival Ascended promises a truly upgraded gaming experience, boasting enhanced features, mechanics, and untamed worlds to explore. Players can expect a fresh start with renewed excitement, as they embark on a new chapter in their virtual survival saga. One aspect that has eased the transition for many survivors is the option to download their bases and dinosaurs to play in single-player or rented servers. This allows players to hold onto their cherished creations, providing a portal to revisit and relive the incredible memories they’ve forged during their time in Ark Survival Evolved.

The community’s response to this forthcoming transformation has been a mixed bag of emotions. While there is sadness over leaving behind the progress they’ve painstakingly achieved, there is also an undeniable sense of anticipation and eagerness for the adventures that lie ahead. The prospect of taming new creatures, unravelling unexplored territories, and constructing even grander bases has invigorated players, who are ready to embrace the challenges that Ark Survival Ascended will undoubtedly present.

As players bid farewell to the old and welcome the new, it is crucial to acknowledge the immense growth and camaraderie fostered within the Ark Survival Evolved community. The connections formed, friendships forged, and memories created have shaped players into the skilled survivors they are today. These experiences will undoubtedly serve as a solid foundation for their endeavours in the evolved version of the game. So, let’s raise our virtual glasses and toast to the remarkable memories and the exciting future that awaits in Ark Survival Ascended!

As the release draws nearer, survivors are preparing to embark on a fresh and thrilling journey, where they will once again demonstrate their resilience, adaptability, and unwavering spirit. Survive, thrive, and evolve together, as Ark Survival Ascended heralds a new era of adventure, challenges, and triumphs for all dedicated survivors of Ark Survival Evolved.Anon

Not actual footageDo you know if the Mortal Kombat 1 trailer was gameplay or pre-rendered CG footage?

As a fan of the splatter, it has me hopeful for a Dead Rising that can reuse the technology (if it was gameplay) and make the perfect zombie game with big blood explosion and bits everywhere.

I’d love the Resi one to be remade using it too, in first person or VR. Imagine the headshots. Just like the original Dawn Of The Dead. Bright red explosions all over the mansion walls.Bobwallett 

GC: It was all pre-rendered.

Size before powerA PS5 Pro released in 2023 seems very unlikely to me. Late 2024 maybe, but I will be surprised if we see it announced next week. That would be a long time to wait and for gamers to be deterred to purchase a PlayStation 5. Not that patience is a common attribute with your average gamer. But it’s the same reason why Nintendo keep their cards close to their chest over Switch 2. They don’t want to hurt sales. 

Personally, I think a PS5 Slim is much more a priority than a Pro model. I couldn’t fit mine comfortably, horizontal, in my TV cabinet. Therefore mine is on top of my cabinet stood vertical, which even next to a 65″ screen looks absolutely horrendous. It’s not just the size either. Sony is generally associated with premium looking products, but they really dropped the ball with PlayStation 5.

It’s a minor annoyance to most gamers, especially if you are housed in a darkened bedroom, old school style. It’s kind of ironic that Sony responded to the criticism of PlayStation 4 being loud by ensuring if you can’t hear PlayStation 5, you will damn well see it!

When we game the console tends to disappear into the background. An ungainly reminder of my game time doesn’t go down so well with my missus, however, especially when there’s an Xbox Series X on the other side. At least one of them has to be more discreet. A PS5 Slim can’t come soon enough.Anon

Second chanceJust a quick heads up on this week’s free PC games (for those who like that kind of thing).

Epic are giving away Death Stranding. They have done so before, but if you missed it first time round now’s your chance! Must admit, it turned out not to be my bag, but the Iceland inspired landscape was lovely.

Steam is giving away Metro: Last Light Complete Edition. No idea what it’s like, but I know you scored it a fairly solid 7/10 all those years ago! Mind you, turns out I’ve got the Redux version from a previous Epic giveaway….

Anyway. Free games! Yay!The Dude Abides 

Ugly opinionsLike their opinion on Tears Of The Kingdom’s graphics the two Zelda weekend reader’s features were ugly to read.

Not that I don’t agree that the game on a technical level looks the two generations behind the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S consoles. I don’t mind they don’t like the art style, fair enough, that’s a valid personal opinion. I disagree though and find the graphics very appealing with the game’s sense of scale evoking a feeling of fascination only a few games have managed like Shadow Of The Colossus. I agree the game would be an appreciably better experience on better hardware. 

The ugly parts were the notion that the Switch struggles with the game. It doesn’t, it runs and looks perfectly fine, if not near the quality/performance settings of a PlayStation 5 game. The bizarre notion Nintendo may have some duty to release hardware that can run it at higher quality settings and the worst take that the game should be less ambitious to make the graphics better.

I mused in a letter that it’s funny the family friendly kids console puts out a game with little hand-holding and can be quite demanding on the player. It occurs to me now that the significantly sized casual audience of that console, who don’t read any gaming media, are more in tune with what’s important abut gaming than some ‘gamers’. Tears Of The kingdom is one of the most inventive and enjoyable games made, that builds significantly on one of the most industry defining games ever in Breath Of The Wild.

We would all like to play games on the most powerful hardware, but the problem is not the Switch or Tears Of The Kingdom’s graphics. The problem is the feature’s writers, Postop and Michael Byron, heightened focus on quality/performance settings and personal ‘minimum standard’ that they can’t appreciate and play a game for the most important things.Simundo

Inbox also-ransA Hat In Time on PlayStation 4 is currently only £7.99 on Amazon. Bargain.Dev

GC: Are you sure? We can’t even see the game listed. Although searching for it does reveal that there is apparently A Hat In Time musical.

RE: Reader’s Feature on Zelda’s graphics. Erm… has your friend tried playing around with the colour saturation and brightness on their TV? Pretty sure that would fix 90% of your complaints.Tom

This week’s Hot TopicThe subject for this weekend’s Inbox was suggested by reader Lamont, who asks where do you usually play your video games?

Do you have a specific room set aside for them or is it just the living room or bedroom? Is your television set-up specially designed for games and what do you in terms of the sound system and storing the consoles and controllers?

If you do have a special room, does it have a lot of games related merchandise and decoration in it? If it doesn’t do you wish it did?

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