Two more are in critical care after collapsing near Salisbury - Russian spy poisoning

Two more are in critical care after collapsing near Salisbury - Russian spy poisoning

A man and woman, believed to a couple have been taken to hospital and are in critical condition after being exposed to an unknown substance, which counter terrorism officers are investigating.

It is understood tests are being carried out on the substance at a government chemical weapons laboratory. And special investigators are currently trying to determine what this unknown substance is.

Amesbury, where the couple collapsed is about eight miles from the Salisbury Russian spy poisoning site. Hours after the initial reports, the case was referred to the counter-terrorism division of the police.

Former Russian spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia were poisoned with Novichok, a suspected military nerve agent, in March.

The government’s emergency committee, Cobra, has met in the Cabinet Office at an official level to discuss the events in Amesbury, which is being “treated with the utmost seriousness”.

A further meeting of the committee will be held on Wednesday evening to hear updates on the situation which was initially treated as a suspected drugs-related incident.

UK police said it’s unclear if any crime was committed regarding the two people in critical condition in Salisbury hospital and assured there’s no threat to public. ‘Unknown substance’ that made them ill is being tested.

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