Trump, NHS and the Clooney's; #Fridayfeeling

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The self-proclaimed winner loses again, as federal court dumps his #Muslimban

Donald Trump has suffered another setback this week, with the federal appeals court refusing to reinstate his ban. As is his routine, he responded on twitter, furiously, citing the national security of the U.S. was at stake. This episode is far from over, but at least it is ‘edge of seat’ entertainment. Perhaps we should tag it in the entertainment section.

Donald Trump loses court battle to reinstate travel ban. The Independent

No No NO! to #MuslimBan, Trump loses his court battle. WTX News

US travel ban hits major setback as judges uphold temporary restraining order. The Guardian

The NHS is failing, poor care and no money to improve it

In an interview with the BBC, the Health Secretary said there was “no excuse” for failings documented at some hospitals amid the winter crisis hitting the system.The Health Secretary has presided over falls in NHS performance. A leaked January statistics for waiting times in England showed consecutive months of the worst delays in A&E since a four-hour target was introduced 13 years ago.

Jeremy Hunt: NHS problems completely unacceptable. The Guardian

Jeremy Hunt admits parts of the NHS are providing ‘unacceptable’ care. The Independent

NHS Health Check: Hunt says NHS problems ‘unacceptable’. BBC

Wouldn’t be Friday without warning about Brexit

Fears over the impact of #Brexit is making the headlines. The Independent headlines with an article that describes the net impact of migration as minimal. And that it is expected to fall by a maximum of 15% and that professionals are likely to be exempt from migration controls.

The BBC warns that the UK will face delays in accessing new drugs, for treatments like cancer. This is because the EU market is the bigger market and will get the privilege first. This follows Jeremy Hunts announcement that UK will unlikely remain as part of the EMA ( The European Medicines Agency).

And The guardian leads with a piece which describes Scotland’s calls for independence. And if Scotland did become and independent state, it would have to apply for EU membership.

Cancer drugs may be delayed after Brexit, say experts. BBC

Experts say Brexit will have a tiny impact on immigration. The Independent

Independent Scotland ‘would have to apply for EU membership’. The Guardian

On a Lighter note the power couple; George and Amal Clooney are expecting twins. Matt Damon expressed his elation and multiple sources around the globe have sourced the story to be accurate. Speculation had begun with Amal Clooney being spotted in loose clothing. However, neither of two’s representatives have confirmed the story.

George Clooney and wife Amal ‘expecting twins’. The Independent

George and Amal Clooney ‘expecting twins’, Matt Damon confirms. BBC

See Amal Clooney’s Growing Baby Bump Around the World — and Her Incredible Maternity Style.

George and Amal Clooney are expecting twins in June. WTX News

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