There will be a White Paper on Brexit, confirms Theresa May

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During Prime Ministers Questions Teresa May announced that there will be a White Paper on Brexit,  the Prime Minister answered a question from Tory MP Chris Philip, confirming that a White Paper – or formal policy plan – to Brexit will be published.

This announcement comes a day after the Supreme Court ruled that Parliament – not ministers – must decide whether the government can invoke Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty, triggering the two year process of leaving the EU.

Mr Corbyn pressed the prime minister for a date for the White Paper’s publication, which Labour wants to happen before voting on the bill takes place.

Speaking after Prime Minister’s Questions, Mrs May’s official spokeswoman said it would come out “in due course”.

The prime minister now needs to confirm that this White Paper will be published in time to inform the Article 50 process. As prior to the ruling she set out her Brexit plans last week, Mrs May said the UK would leave the European single market and EU customs union, but promised to work to achieve the best free trade deals possible. This U-turn comes just 24 hours after David Davis seemed to rule out a white paper.

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