The Week So far With Yvonne Ridley - Trump the 'windbag' & the End of Cervical cancer & the Spanish Armada is back

The Week So far With Yvonne Ridley - Trump the 'windbag' & the End of Cervical cancer & the Spanish Armada is back

Windbag Trump sinks to a new low

Just when I thought the great misogynist Donald Trump couldn’t sink any lower in his treatment and regard of women he has now mocked the testimony of Christine Blasey Ford against his Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh at a political rally.

“What neighbourhood was it in? I don’t know,” blasted the US President mockingly, adding: “But I had one beer. That’s the only thing I remember. And a man’s life is in tatters.”

This is the same windbag who just a few days ago described Professor Ford as a “credible” and “compelling” witness but in Mississippi it was Trump who adopted a different story as he sought to ridicule Blasey Ford.

She described to a Senate committee how Kavanaugh had assaulted her as a teenager, an allegation he vehemently denies. Now the FBI is investigating the claims following the graphic Senate testimony.


Why we all need to support #MeToo

So the first anniversary of the heroic #MeToo movement is just around the corner, triggered by a pile of allegations heaped on sex pest Harvey Weinstein as Hollywood women united against the man who made and destroyed glittering careers on a whim.

The domino effect was staggering as women around the world from all walks of life cried “me too” and with each confession the movement became stronger as time was called on inappropriate male philandering from the boardrooms to the backrooms of industries everywhere.

Of course there are some hardened old female battle-axes out there who claim we are all a whinging, whining bunch but I join in the calls saying: “Enough is Enough!

Read the full article here Why we all need to support #MeToo


End in sight for cervical cancer in Australia

Great medical news coming out of Oz these days  is that it is on course to become the first country to eliminate cervical cancer.

Of course this all depends on maintain vaccination and screening rates for it to be classified as a “rare cancer” in Australia by 2022.

Scientists cite the breakthrough to national prevention programmes launched in 2007 when the country introduced a Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) vaccination scheme for girls. The programme was later extended to boys.


Where are the headlines for Gaza’s dead?

I am delighted that legendary Spanish football club Real Madrid rolled out the red carpet for heroic Palestinian teenager Ahed Tamimi following her release from prison after serving eight months for slapping a couple of Israeli soldiers twice her size. The diminutive 17-year old captured the imagination of many around the world.

There was no headline news or broadcast as they were buried the day after after being shot dead by Israeli forces during the regular Friday Palestinian protests demanding their legitimate right to return to their land usurped decades ago by the state of Israel.

Teenager Ahed cuts a striking figure with her wild mane of hair as she rages against the brutal occupation of her Palestinian lands. She is an incredible force of defiance and courage and therefore the good news is she’s very hard to ignore, especially now that she is on a tour across Europe.

Read the full article here Where are the headlines for Gaza’s dead?


Anyone seen Kashoggi?

A former Saudi newspaper editor and adviser to retired Saudi intelligence chief Prince Turki al-Faisal, seems to have disappeared according to media reports.

Living in self-imposed exile in Washington, D.C. for more than a year, Jamal Khashoggi was last seen going in to Saudi Arabia’s consulate in Istanbul on Tuesday.

His Turkish fiancée says he had not emerged after nearly eight hours before raising the alarm. Turkish and Saudi authorities, including the Istanbul consulate and the Saudi Embassy in Washington, have so far not commented.

Kashoggi has written critical columns in the Washington Post on Saudi Arabia’s policies towards Qatar and Canada, the war in Yemen, and a crackdown on the media and activists. So back in Riyadh he’s about as popular as a bag of pork scratchings at a Ramadan feast.

“I have left my home, my family and my job, and I am raising my voice,” he wrote in September 2017. “To do otherwise would betray those who languish in prison. I can speak when so many cannot.”

If you spot Kashoggi or know of his whereabouts do please contact WTX News.


The return of the Spanish Armada Spain’s folly, Catalonia’s victory

Okay, perhaps the headline is a bit out there, but ask the Catalans how they feel? Catalans clashed with police in Barcelona as tens of thousands protested in towns and cities across Catalonia to mark the first anniversary of the referendum on independence from Spain.

More than 180,000 demonstrators marched in Barcelona alone but, one year on, it seems Madrid has learned nothing from the events of the last 12 months as baton-wielding police charged at the peaceful protesters in front of the Catalan regional parliament.

In the true spirit of peaceful resistance hundreds of activists occupied high-speed rail tracks for several hours while others blocked roads and motorways.

The Catalonian’s are angry. Angry at the brutal reaction of the Spanish state after they held a referendum on October 1 2017 later declaring independence on October 27.

Read the full article here Spain’s folly, Catalonia’s victory


Let’s here it for Donna

As someone who never passed a physics exam and still recalls the sense of achievement when I did once manage 44 per cent on a paper, I’m in total awe of Donna Strickland who has just won the Nobel Prize in Physics.

The Canadian is only the third woman winner of the award, along with Marie Curie, who won in 1903, and Maria Goeppert-Mayer, who was awarded the prize in 1963.


Bum note at Tory conference

Boris Johnson undoubtedly polarises people as he showed at the Tory Party Conference but is he prime minister material? I would say not. And if you want to know why just take a quick peek at this picture (see attachments) and judge for yourself.

I’m not sure who sent this to my inbox and all the bleach in the world will not rid me of the image imprinted on my retina, but a man who is that reckless with his own attire does not inspire confidence to navigate the ship of State!


Tweet of the week

Thank you to @NeilClark66 , journalist, broadcaster and Director @PublicOwnership for this thought-provoking Tweet. It’s very easy to get caught up in a moment and turn on a population because of the behaviour of the leadership, but this Tweet did make me pause for thought. Thanks, Neil.

Neil Clark @wtxnews

The symbolic 'Yellow Vests' movement comes to London

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