The Week So Far with Yvonne Ridley - Travel Ban & Brexit Madness

The Week So Far with Yvonne Ridley Catch up on Part 1. 

Muslim travel ban now in force

So as we charge into the weekend I see American President Donald Trump‘s so-called ‘Muslim ban’ on six countries has now come in to full effect, following a ruling by the US Supreme Court. In short it means all residents of six mostly Muslim countries will not be allowed entry to the US. If you live in: Chad, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Syria and Yemen that means you.

Trump’s controversial law takes full effect even as legal challenges against it make their way through the courts so if you live in any of the above countries, don’t make any travel plans soon.

Trumps Travel Ban has been approved, in part!

Now is the time for the rest of the international community to respond to this crackpot ruling. If the US wants to isolate itself from the world stage then it should not be allowed to stage events from the world such as the Olympic Games or football World Cup events or any other international events.

Brexit madness

Well here’s some good news about Brexit … the UK and European Commission have finally reached an agreement that should allow them to move Brexit talks on to the next stage after a week fraught with all sorts of problems.

Here’s the bad news and a reality check, 18 months on from the Referendum. What the deal means is that Britain will have to pay £35 billion for the privilege of becoming an isolated, little backwater which will still have to obey Brussels but with no actual say in Brussels! Brexiteers have, in essence, really cut their noses off to spite their face and have done more damage to the UK than any fifth column or traitor.

Mr Brexit himself, Nigel Farage admits: “It’s humiliating!” It certainly is, isn’t it?

Brexit Bulldog’s Words Return to Bite Back!

Brexit Deal Breakthrough – The PM gets the deal she wanted

Dark days forecast over Trump’s Jerusalem declaration

Violence has erupted across the Middle East since Donald Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and now US embassies in the region are braced for a third day of protests.

There are increased fears over the security of American diplomatic staff and their families in case angry protestors target US interests after Friday prayers. Israel has already been forced to deploy extra security forces in anticipation of more clashes in Jerusalem and the occupied West Bank.

Tensions heightened after Hezbollah’s secretary general, Hassan Nasrallah, called for a third Palestinian Intifada just hours after Hamas urged the same.

Since Trump’s announcement on Wednesday, the most violent confrontations erupted in Ramallah, Bethlehem and Hebron between protestors and Israeli forces. The occupation army fired teargas and rubber bullets as hundreds of Palestinians threw stones and set fire to barricades.

In Gaza more protesters rallied at the Erez border crossing with Israel and clashed with Israeli forces. Two missiles were reportedly launched from Gaza on Thursday falling short of targets in Israel but triggering alarm systems. In neighbouring Jordan American flags and posters of Trump were set on fire by demonstrators who gathered near the US embassy in Amman.

Read the full piece here Dark days forecast over Trump’s Jerusalem declaration

More Deaths in Gaza – As the World Reacts to Trump Endorsing Jerusalem as Israels Capital

Great breakthrough

Sometimes medical breakthroughs and miracle cures are over-exaggerated but the beginning of the end is now in sight for Britain’s 8,000 sufferers of a horrible neurodegenerative disease.

The defect gene that causes Huntington’s has been corrected in patients for the first time thanks to an experimental drug which injected into spinal fluid safely lowered levels of toxic proteins in the brain. There’s still much work to do but research boffins at University College London say there is now hope the deadly disease can be stopped and is seen as a genuine step forward in combating the disease.

While false hopes have been raised in the past, experts say it could be the biggest breakthrough in neurodegenerative diseases for 50 years of which Huntington’s is regarded as one of the most devastating. It’s hard to describe how vile this disease is but sufferers have said it’s like a deadly cocktails of Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s and motor neurone disease all rolled into one with the patient virtually guaranteed to end in a vegetative state.

So let’s give a Hi5 to the unsung heroes in their white coats hidden away in their scientific laboratories. Their efforts often go unrecognised and unrewarded … but not by WTX News and not today!

Game, set and match to Andy Murray 

Tennis star Andy Murray would make a great poker player since his default expression is usually dour. What you may not know is that off court he’s a bit of a Twitter fan and uses his account to poke fun at the great and the good.

Murray v Trump - The US is an OPEN republic - Andy Murray quizzes Donald Trump
Murray v Trump – The US is an OPEN republic – Andy Murray quizzes Donald Trump

Leading, as usual, with his chin, US Donald Trump walked straight in to a Murray backhand when Trump erupted into a tirade of twitter abuse on Monday to attack the “failing” New York Times and CNN anchor Don Lemon who, he said “I never watch” before describing Lemon as the “dumbest man on television.”

Quick as a flash, the British number one served up this question: “How do you know he’s so dumb if you never watch him?” before throwing in #impressive

I’m not sure how such wit and repartee is received in The White House these days but it’s safe to say that tweet was game, set and match to Britain’s Number One tennis player!

The symbolic 'Yellow Vests' movement comes to London

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