The 'Christian Taliban' exposed by Mehdi Hassan

The 'Christian Taliban' exposed by Mehdi Hassan

One of my favourite journalists is Mehdi Hasan. He’s bright, articulate and by far the most acerbic wit in Washington these days.

The fact I shared a stage with him when we jointly won awards for journalistic excellence is still a source of pride for me but the reason for today’s mention focuses on his latest podcast for the investigative journal The Intercept.

In under four minutes he deconstructs the White House shenanigans this week by Donald Trump and his whacky administration, revealing what he describes as the presence of: “The Christian Taliban.”

The very notion of Trump as a caliph overseeing this bonkers’ squad of religious zealots is hilarious but Hasan delivers, poker faced, a case exposing how the Bible and God play a major role in all decision-making and presidential executive orders.

The detail is both hilarious and frightening and exposes how religious extremists are running America these days, justifying everything from ripping immigrant babies from their mothers because “God has ordained this government!” to saying it is “very Biblical to obey the law” in Trump’s USA.

The Christian religion has been weaponised and politicised under Trump, after all he was elected by “the hand of God!” Others in his cabal insist Americans must obey their president because “God had him elected”.

Hasan is brilliant and this podcast alone should earn him his own prime time TV show … though probably not on Fox TV!

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