The absence of Trump should never be forgotten

The absence of Trump should never be forgotten

So French President Emmanuel Macron has urged 70 world leaders to reject nationalism as they gathered in Paris to mark the centenary of the World War One Armistice.

I wonder who bristled the most between US President Donald Trump and his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin as Macron described nationalism as a “betrayal of patriotism”. Possibly both?

France’s leader said: “By saying ‘our interests first and never mind the others’ you stamp out the most precious thing a nation has – its moral values.”

Macron along with the other dignitaries and VIPs, marched to the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, a memorial to France’s fallen under the Arc de Triomphe, under a canopy of black umbrellas to keep off the rain.

Just the day before Trump raised eyebrows by cancelling his trip to a cemetery for the war dead blaming the inclement weather. Hogwash!

This time of year is a period of reflection and a time to honour our war dead. Both my grandfathers and father fought in two World Wars and like millions of others around the world we are grateful for the sacrifices made by millions of brave men and women.

All Trump had to do was jump on a helicopter in some drizzle and fly off to pay his respects to the American war dead. Other leaders managed to make it to graveyards and cemeteries to do the same. I found his absence utterly contemptible.

He did manage to get off his lardy backside and visit Suresnes in western Paris, on Sunday but all those army veterans who have shown him unconditional support and believe Trump is the answer for ‘making America great again’ should take a long hard look at the president. This is a man who can’t even pay his respects to those Americans who paid the ultimate sacrifice for the freedoms and liberties America is supposed to hold so dear.

Just when I thought the world’s so-called most powerful man couldn’t sink any lower, he has plumbed new depths.

Still, at least MP Tobias Elwood had the guts to tweet in response to news that the presidential visit had been called off because of the rain:

As a duel National, I’m sorry to read this.

The rain was a regular feature on the Western Front. Thankfully it did not prevent our brave heroes from doing their job.

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