PM Teresa May blames early-closing doctors for fuelling A&E crisis

The British Prime Minister Theresa May ahead of her meeting with President Trump

The Prime Minister, faced with an NHS in which all the indicators are flashing CODE Black, “maximum capacity exceeded”, and that a huge demand on the service that is not being met. Curiously enough she doesn’t think it’s budget related. And then, not only failing to set out how these demands can be met but to imply, that the problem is differing levels of performance in different parts of the country. Essentially, the staff are not consistent enough to do the job.

Now, GPs in England have been warned they could lose extra funding if they fail to meet a commitment to keep their surgeries open for longer. The prime minister said that surgeries should provide appointments at times convenient for patients rather than themselves.

Cash allocated for longer opening hours will be withheld from doctors unless they can prove that they offer appointments at suitable times and are telling patients about them, Downing Street said last night.

GPs urged to commit to seven-day service or lose funding. BBC

May’s scapegoat attempt could spark mass resignations, says top GP.  The Guardian

Theresa May vows to push ahead with 7-day GP services to take pressure off A&E departments. The Independent

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