Bulgaria News: 4 Bulgarian parties agree to form government

Bulgaria News: 4 Bulgarian parties agree to form government

In Bulgaria news today – The leaders of four Bulgarian parties on Friday said they’ve agreed to form a centrist-led coalition that would end a months-long political crisis, giving a country beset by economic and health problems its first regular government since April.

The agreement followed lengthy talks between the winner of last month’s general election, the centrist We Continue the Change (PP) party, two right-leaning parties and a Socialist party.

Bulgaria news today offers hope after months of unrest

Combined, the four parties will control 134 seats in Bulgaria’s 240-seat parliament, which is set to vote on approving the new government on Monday.

Under the agreement, PP leader Kiril Petkov, 41, will be the coalition’s nominee for prime minister, tasked with steering European Union member Bulgaria out of twin health and economic crisis.

“We are moving towards proposing a stable Bulgarian government, which we hope will continue for the next four years,” Petkov said. He has also announced that the veto against Macedonia will stay in place for the next 6 months at the least.

The real story behind the coalition

Bulgaria has struggled to form a coalition government for many months

The reason why this agreement has been reached is that two significant concessions were made on the stance towards Macedonia and the plan for the EU.

Slavi Trifonov (ITN) is perhaps the weakest out of the three leaders, however, he has given up the least and got most in return. It was his support of the incoming PM Petkov which made the deal, giving him the most ammunition to negotiate with Bojko Borisov (GERB), the former Prime Minister.


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