Are we intolerant or simply bonkers?

Are we intolerant or simply bonkers?

As Boris Johnson’s burqa row has illustrated this past week we live in an intolerant world but two other stories which caught my eye have left me feeling extremely frustrated and wondering if the world has gone completely bonkers.

The first story revolved around a pensioner who complained that her hotel in the Spanish resort of Benidorm had ‘too many Spaniards in it’.

Freda Jackson even asked why the Spanish couldn’t go somewhere else on holiday. She claims some of the Spanish guests were just so rude leaving her in tears and she was also angry that the in-house entertainment was all geared to the Spanish.

Now she wants her £1100 holiday fee back or a free trip. I suppose it’s quite possible Spain has its fair share of chavs as well but can we hold a holiday company responsible for rude guests? And why shouldn’t the Spanish go for their own staycations?

Freda from Blackburn in Lancashire might be 81 but being an octogenarian doesn’t give someone an open pass to complain about hotels in Spain being full of Spanish!

Apparently there were no reps on the holiday who she could complain to about the trip – so instead she submitted a letter of complaint to Thomas Cook who initially offered the pair a £75 holiday voucher each in compensation for the ‘disappointing’ stay at the Poseidon Playa on the outskirts of Benidorm.

The other story which left me flabbergasted was about a ten-year-old who weighs 17 stone and is addicted to food. Kyon Fritz Marriott is thought to be the most obese primary school child, according to a Sunday tabloid which told his story.

Apparently he routinely binges in his family’s bathroom on crisps and chocolate he has stolen from the kitchen.Standing at 5ft 1in and with a belt-busting 47in waist, the child says: “I just want to be a normal 10-year-old. I just want help.”

Yes child obesity is a problem in the UK and no, I don’t think it is something that the NHS should be burdened with. I’m sorry to say this but parents must start taking more responsibility for the junk their kids shovel down their gullets.

And grandparents, who undermine the parents, by pushing sweets, chocolate and cake onto these children do not help at all … you know who you are so stop it right now!

Freda love, if you go to Spain you’ll meet Spaniards. The chances are they’ll be waiting on you in your hotel but so what if they’ve checked in as guests as well. Age is no excuse for intolerance.

Equally Kyon’s mum has got to get a grip and stop her boy from eating junk. Highly nutritious, balanced meals and exercise are key – it’s not rocket science.

Has the world gone bonkers or could it be me that’s being intolerant here?

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