Anti-Indian protests in London - Hindu activists to sabotage the peaceful protestors

Anti-Indian protests in London - Hindu activists to sabotage the peaceful protestors

The Metropolitan Police is on alert ahead of a major anti-Indian government protest in London after Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi revoked Article 370 in Kashmir and Pakistani PM Imran Khan’s accused him of ‘Nazi-style Hinduism’.

Following a rallying call from Pakistani Prime Minister advisors, Zulfi Bukhari, he called on overseas Pakistanis to hold protests outside Indian embassies in their respective countries to show solidarity with the people of Indian occupied Kashmir.

In addition, thousands of Sikhs have joined in the call for the protest and will stand in solidarity against the oppression of Kashmiris.

A spokesman of Scotland Yard said it was aware of the planned protest at noon on 15 August, Indian Independence Day, and had policing arrangements in place.

Intelligence reports suggest that the number of protestors will be in the tens of thousands – making it the biggest ever protest against India in Britain – but the police refused to discuss the number of police on duty.

Breaking: Live Video shows the road to genocide & Ethnic cleansing in Kashmir -Warning!

Concerns have risen that extremist Hindu activists will try to sabotage the protest and disturb the protests to combat the growing anti-Hindu sentiment in the country.

On the ground, reports suggest that some Hindu fanatics have been intimidating many local London residents to prevent the crowds from growing into the tens of thousands, apparently under the guidance of the Indian embassy officials.

Following the media blackout and military detentions, violence erupted in the Indian administered area of Kashmir with hundreds of casualties as seen in the video above.

In a statement, Prime Minister Imran Khan’s advisor, Zulfi Bukhari’s, who will be himself attending the protest, said it was a moral obligation of all to speak up for the Kashmiri brothers and sisters, who were living in difficult circumstances under the Nazi-like regime of Narendra Modi.

Pro-Modi Indian groups had initially announced to hold a counter-demonstration but changed their plans after realising that pro-Kashmir protestors will be huge in numbers and things could spiral out of control.

Earlier an exclusive video published on WTX News shows how the violence in Kashmir has injured and killed innocent Kashmiris, trying to celebrate Eid ul Adha.

The protests will take place at noon at the Indian High Commission is based in East Central London, in India House, Aldwych, London.



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