Outrage over Ryanair plane 'hijacking'

Outrage over Ryanair plane 'hijacking'

Ryanair Belarus: The West condemns ‘hijacking’ of Ryanair plane, Belarusian activist arrested

Western countries are expressing outrage after a Ryanair plane carrying a Belarusian activist was forced to divert.

EU leaders are due to discuss their response to the internal EU flight diversion after the EU’s executive called it a “hijacking” and the US called the events “a shocking act.” 

The plane was bound for Lithuania but was forced by Belarus to land in Minsk – claiming there had been a bomb threat to the aircraft. 

Belarusian authorities scrambled a fighter jet and diverted the plane to the country’s capital, and upon landing, authorities arrested Belarusian journalist and activist Roman Protasevich.

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