What is the UK News Briefing

Daily News Briefing provided by WTX News

Daily News Briefing provided by WTX News

We want to make reading the news easier, that is why we have carefully curated your daily brief. ‘The Daily News Brief‘ is crafted with love, to bring all the latest news from some of the best and most trusted news sources online; Like BBC News, Sky News, Reuters and WTX News/ But rather than grabbing all the feeds, we carefully pick the ones that will be best suited to you and organise them in one simple page, so you can get through your daily reading quickly and efficiently.

We’ve even organised them into categories like UK News, World News, Sports, (which by the way is really cool) Entertainment and many more.

‘The Week So Far’ #TWSF – By Yvonne Ridley

And last but by no means least we also have an opinionated Weekly round up of all things wonderful and bad ‘The Week So Far’ written by the one and only Yvonne Ridley; It even includes ‘the twit of the week’, we think she has gone a bit bonkers, but you guys should judge that for yourself.

The curious and informed reader – The WTX Reader

As well as that we ensure that if you really want to feed your curiosity you can read all the various sources and determine what the truth is for yourself. We believe in transparency and independent journalism and aim to serve you.

WTX News brings you the latest news from around the UK. Including all the latest breaking news, so you can feed your curiosity from one place, daily, in less than 5 minutes.

The Weekly News Briefing Video

Oh, by the way, we also produce a weekly roundup of all the news so you if you miss the chance to read the news daily, you can catch up weekly on our Weekly News Briefing.

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