A Cartier watch is a luxury worth investing in

A Cartier watch is a luxury worth investing in

Cartier Tank: A Cartier watch is a luxury worth investing in.

Cartier watches stand the test of time, the company have been making watches that are now classic designs. The Tank stands as Cartier’s most famous watch – it was one of Princess Diana’s favourite watches and the classic tank watch has been sported by celebrities for years. Michelle Obama wore her stainless steel Cartier Tank Francaise watch in her official White House portrait. 

Cartier Tank watch 

The Cartier Tank watch debuted over a hundred years ago, and the classic Tank has been re-imagined and updated over the years. There have been over 30 variants of the classic Cartier Tank watch design. 

Cartier Tank watches hold their prices

Most Cartier watches hold their price, but the Tank especially so. If you’re looking for a classic watch to invest in, or a second-hand one, the Tank remains the must-have watch. 

It has remained one of the most popular watches since it was first made, along with Rolex watches, the Cartier Tank is one of the few watches to go up in price in generous increments over the years. 

cartier tank chinoise
Cartier Tank Chinoise

Other Cartier watches

Cartier produces other premium watches. There’s the Santos watch and the Drive de Cartier which is inspired by car racing. 

Buying a Cartier watch 

A Cartier watch makes an incredible gift – but it’s not something you should rush into. It’s a forever watch, so whether you’re buying it for yourself or as a gift, remember, it’s a watch that’ll likely be passed down through the family. 

Before you go out and buy a Cartier watch, do a LOT of research, there are plenty of designs to look through before you splash your cash. 

Cartier is an innovative company. If you haven’t seen your dream watch yet there’s a chance it’s being baked up right now – or ‘born’ as the team behind Cartier jewellery like to say about their exclusive pieces. 

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