PM is giving his latest briefing - We're delaying the spread for the sake of the NHS

PM is giving his latest briefing - We're delaying the spread for the sake of the NHS

UK PM Boris Johnson is giving the latest briefing on the coronavirus outbreak. starting with and reinforcing his message ‘stay at home’. As it is crucial to halt the spread.

Boris Johnson continues that the government will take “the right measures at the right time”.

He says the NHS, like other health services, only has a limited amount of equipment so it is vital to delay the spread of the virus.

A quarter of the world’s population is now living under some form of lockdown. And The UK is population is among them, including most of Europe. Around the globe, Italy has seen a small drop in infections. But Spain has now overtaken China as the second-highest death toll from coronavirus.

We Must Delay the Spread The NHS can’t cope

Boris Johnson says any “world-class health service has only limited numbers of doctors, nurses and specialist equipment”, so the more people who become sick at any one time, the harder it is for the NHS to cope.

“It is vital to delay the spread,” he adds. “And with your help, we will slow the spread of the disease.”

The PM thanks “everyone who has been following the clear rules set out on Monday”, along with frontline NHS staff and public services.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson defends the government’s programme to support businesses, calling it “unprecedented”.

He says the country is “coping very well indeed” under challenging circumstances.

It was also confirmed that Prince Charles was confirmed as testing positive for the coronavirus. He is said to be suffering from mild symptoms and is resting in Scotland.

About 400,000 people volunteer in the UK to help the NHS cope with vulnerable people.


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