Pakistani dies in Italy A coronavirus patient in Brescia

Pakistani dies in Italy A coronavirus patient in Brescia

A Pakistani dies in Italy, he was a foreign national living in Brescia. He became the first foreigner to die of COVID-19 in Italy. The Pakistani was a coronavirus patient in the hospital but died earlier this week, according to a spokesperson of the Pakistani Foreign Office.

The Pakistani national passed away in Brescia, about a 100 kilometres from Milan, the spokesperson added.

The Pakistani Consulate in Milan was in touch with the concerned family, as well as the authorities in Italy, the spokesperson said.

Italy’s lock-down is unprecedented in western Europe. It aims to stop people from moving around or leaving the country unless they have a valid medical, family or work reason.

10,000 infections, 631 deaths in Italy

Italy remains at the centre of Europe’s outbreak as another jump in cases on Tuesday took the total to more than 10,000 infections and deaths rose by a third to 631.

Millions of Italians woke to deserted streets and shuttered shops after officials imposed a national lock-down, while the government has pledged €25 billion ($28 billion) to fight the virus.

Foreigners are still allowed to leave — many already have — and the last stragglers were racing to catch flights after a slew of cancellations.

“We have people saying they will put us on a flight back,” Mina, a 58-year-old Indian national, told reporters next to Rome’s deserted Colosseum, saying she and her family were “waiting for a call”.

Despite the improving situation in China, officials imposed new measures, decreeing that all international arrivals in Beijing must undergo two weeks of quarantine.

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