Riz Ahmed releases his music video for ‘Mogambo’

Riz Ahmed and his new Mogambo challenge are the latest things taking over the internet.
British-Pakistani actor Riz Ahmed on Thursday released the video for his much-awaited track Mogambo. The video for Mogambo is directed by New York-based filmmaker Bassam Tariq. The song is named after a Bollywood villain of the same name. “He’s from this classic film called ‘Mr. India’ that was out in 1987, a story about a secret formula that renders people invisible. The video shows The Night Of actor celebrating his Pakistani roots with a wrestling match. In a statement released by the director, Tariq explained how the concept behind the video changed during production. “So we decided to make the footage work and embrace the pedestrian nature of it. It’s tough for my ego to put something out that feels rough around the edges but throughout the edit, the footage kept telling me that we are enough to keep viewers interested. We don’t need to be flashy to have people like us. We are perfectly imperfect – shaky compositions and soft focus and all.” Ahmed has been promoting the single by asking fans to post videos of their best Mogambo impressions. Ahmed challenged Jimmy Kimmel to imitate the famous catchphrase from the movie Mr India, and to everybody’s surprise, Jimmy Kimmel really nailed it. Riz also challenged Tom Hardy to take up the Mogambo challenge as well. Fans went into a frenzy to see Hardy deliver a perfect impression. Riz Ahmed, who releases music under the name Riz MC,  currently promoting his latest movie with Tom Hardy “Venom”.
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