Rani Mukherji pens a special letter to her fans on 40th birthday

Rani Mukherji pens a special letter to her fans on 40th birthday

Bollywood superstar Rani Mukerji has written a letter to her fans highlighting the good memories and challenges she has faced during her 22-year journey in Bollywood.

The letter was shared by Yash Raj Films on behalf of the actor on her 40th birthday.

Having worked on huge Bollywood movies over the years, Rani in her letter shared the importance of breaking stereotypes via films and her plans to continue changing mindsets about women in the future.

“It feels great to be 40! It feels great to have also worked for 22 years and having been incredibly lucky to get so much love and appreciation. Very rarely do we artists get material that can genuinely cause social change, cause change in attitude and thinking and I have been fortunate enough to get such content multiple times. I truly feel blessed. I thank all the film-makers who have trusted me with their characters. Your characters, your films, became my identity,” she wrote.

Actor Rani Mukerji is awaiting release of her film, Hichki, as she turns 40 today. Belonging to that very small club of female actors who have managed to defy the cliché that a heroine’s shelf life in Bollywood lasts untill she gets married.

Rani broke that trend and delivered the hit movie ‘Mardaani’ after her marriage to producer-director Aditya Chopra and has now returned after the birth of her child starring in the movie ‘Hichki’.

The actor also shared her views on nepotism “When I got into films, my dad wasn’t a very successful producer or director. Nepotism debate is baseless. People have come from non-filmy background and made it big in Bollywood.”


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