Meera takes a dig at Shah Rukh Khan

Meera takes a dig at Shah Rukh Khan

Actress Meera khan tweeted on Wednesday that she would determine when she would star in a movie with Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan.

“I was once asked by an LA Times reporter if you are a superstar when will @iamSRK [Shah Rukh Khan] act with you? I said no price is too high to pay for the privilege of owning yourself. I own myself and I will determine when I want to act with him.”

Meera has used twitter to cast for jobs, or at least get noticed regarding potential future acting plans. In a tweet posted on August 1, Meera called on her loyal fans to encourage and tweet to Universal Studios in Hollywood to consider her for their upcoming film projects.

Meera, is a Pakistani film actress, television presenter, model and philanthropist. She made her movie debut in 1995, but earned nationwide critical acclaim in 1999 for her lead performance in Khilona.

Shah Rukh Khan, well he is SRK aka King Khan.

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