Baftas, Grammys & President Agent Orange & the Co-op is for sale

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Baftas 2017

A cold start to Monday mornings briefing and starting with a round up of the Baftas, with awards for Dev Patel, and Emma Stone. The evening was dominated by La La Land with five trophies. La La Land has already smashed the record for the most Golden Globes, winning seven prizes last month. If you fancy a dash of glitz and glamour from the weekend then take a look at our picks.

Baftas 2017: Dev Patel and Emma Stone win awards. BBC

La La Land’s wobble and the passion of Ken Loach: the Baftas 2017 verdict. The Guardian

Baftas 2017: Ken Loach attacks Government as Stephen Fry takes dig at Donald Trump. The Independent

All The winners from the Baftas

Grammys 2017

Next, we move on to the Grammys which were being held in Los Angeles for the 59th annual Grammy awards. Adele stole the show. Ultimately, Adele won all five awards that she had been nominated for. The evening was masked with political statements with Busta Rhymes referred to President Trump “President Agent Orange” and accused him of for “perpetuating evil in the United States”.

Grammys 2017: Adele reluctantly beats Beyoncé for top prizes as politics flares. The Guardian

Grammys 2017: Adele takes home Best Record but insists Beyonce deserves Best Album award. The Independent

A full list of the winners from the 59th Grammys

Tesco is ripping people off, by charging more than advertised on the shelves

Tesco, the supermarket giant has been found to be overcharging for multibuy products that had expired but still advertised on shelves. An undercover investigation by the BBC discovered two-thirds of stores were selling out of date multi-buy offers whilst advertising discounts on them, but overcharging them at tills. Customers, in essence, are duped into thinking they are purchasing offers that don’t actually exist. With the widespread use of this misleading advertisement, in over 60% of stores investigated, it is difficult to assume a genuine error.

Tesco customers overcharged by out-of-date offers. BBC

Tesco is ‘overcharging customers’ by wrongly advertising out of date offers. The Independent

The Co-op is up for sale

The Co-operative Bank has gone up for sale, as it struggles to meet capital requirements designed to ensure financial institutions can survive hard times. The Bank which traces its routes back to 1872, was bailed out four years ago by a US hedge fund after it nearly collapsed. The bank has struggled since it’s bailout in 2013 and this move has put its long-term future under speculation. Lenders blame low-interest rates and costly turnaround plan for restricting capital. As part of this funding crisis, the bank is expected to cut 200 jobs nationwide.

For sale: Co-op Bank looks for buyers. The Guardian

Co-Op Bank announces that it is putting itself up for sale. The Independent

White House likely to issue fresh order on immigration

The White House confirmed on Sunday it is considering issuing a new order on immigration now that President Donald Trump’s travel ban has been halted as it makes its way through the courts. The idea of the White House issuing a modified immigration order that would survive scrutiny in the courts does not convince Democrats, who from the outset have charged that Trump’s order is simply anti-Muslim and plays into the hands of extremists.

Donald Trump’s policy adviser says ‘all options’ are open for travel ban. The Independent

Trump powers ‘will not be questioned’ on immigration, senior official says. The Guardian

Staying with the President, another piece worth reading is the tens of thousands of Mexicans who took to the streets against Donald Trump’s immigration policies. Demonstrators in more than a dozen Mexican cities, dressed in white, waved Mexican flags and anti-Trump placards.

Mexico protesters march against Trump’s immigration policies. BBC

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