‘Holiday in UK this year’ and avoid foreign travel  - Eustice 

‘Holiday in UK this year’ and avoid foreign travel  - Eustice 

‘Holiday in UK this year’ and avoid foreign travel  – Eustice 

The environment secretary George Eustice has said Britons should spend their summer holidays in the UK this year and avoid all foreign travel unless necessary. 

George Eustice dashed hopes of foreign trips as he offered his advice that the public should visit ‘the fabulous places’ the UK has to offer. 

  • George Eustice says Brits should holiday in the UK
  • He says if you go to a green list country you need to understand the ‘risks’
  • Brits are scrambling back to the UK after Portugal was removed from the UK’s green list and added to the amber list

He acknowledged many will want to travel to green list destinations – but said the public should be aware of the risks. 

His comments came as Brits scrambled to get back to the UK from Portugal just hours before the popular holiday destination is added to the UK’s amber list. 

He told Sky News this morning: ‘Our advice all along has been don’t travel unless it’s absolutely necessary. 

‘Obviously, we had hoped with these three categories that we have that the situation would be improving in other parts of the world – that we’d be able to progressively add other countries to the green list.

‘Sadly, that’s not the situation. We do have this new variant of concern – first identified in India – that is now cropping up in other countries.

‘And we’ve just got to take a very cautious approach.’

‘Holiday in UK this year’ and avoid foreign travel - Eustice
Brits are scrambling home after popular holiday destination Portugal was added to the UK’s amber list

‘But obviously, some people will want to travel abroad. There are still a small number of countries on that green list,’ the environment secretary added.

‘If they want to do that they can, but obviously they will have to understand that there are risks in doing so as well.’

Angry holidaymakers today said they felt ‘ashamed to be British’ as they raced back from Portugal to avoid amber list restrictions.

Anyone who did not make it back in time will now have to quarantine for 10 days and take at least two PCR tests.

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